HR Management

The support system that we provide for HR Professionals, Business Owners and any individual who is tasked with managing employees, is a tremendous resource. The different areas of employment where we provide support:


We provide a software -based recruiting program.  This program will allow a series of screening questions that will give the employer the ability to recruit based on certain needs of the specific job. By tying into local or regional job boards we can recruit from an array of sources including social media.

Governmental Compliance

FMLA  •  EEOC  •  OFCCP  •  COBRA Regardless of the acronym we can assist with setting up programs to implement compliance based policies. We also can support our clients by directly managing employment based claims.

Employee Handbooks and Policy Development

Whether you are required to comply with an AAP program or just want to have consistent procedures, Momentum can provide advice and instruction.

Corporate Culture Development

Why do some organizations seem to attract high performers and have immediate success? This is not a random occurrence. It starts with hiring the right people and having clear goals. If you establish organizational goals that highlight accountability and reward performance, success will follow. We can provide a consultative approach, to rehab a toxic situation or provide target consistency in multi-unit businesses.