Momentum Resources vs. Paycom

You’ve worked hard to create a successful business.  One of your business’ most important assets are the employees.  That’s why finding the right HR partner to handle tasks like payroll, hiring, and risk managment is so important.  Paycom takes a very hands off approach, relying on you to solve your own problems using their software.  At Momentum, we talk to every client creating a custom solution for them.  While you’re with us, our door is always open.  We work with you as your business maneuvers from one stage to the next.  Our trained staff has studied the Three Phases and other techniques and HR trends. We always keeps an eye on your account to make sure we’re providing the most value possible.




Human Based

We Do It

Analyzed data is provided to you

We help you choose the right option for your business


Software Based

You Do It

Raw data is delivered to you

Software shows you a variety of options

Thank you for reading our side-by-side comparison between Savannah local HR company Momentum Resources and national company Paycom.  We realize we’re biased, but we’re happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have about what separates us from the corporate giants.  Feel free to read more about our other services like employee benefits or risk management.